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New and Updated Wiring Systems for Homes and Businesses

Let our technicians at Lite-Tech Electric ltd. in Richmond, British Columbia, install electrical wiring in your newly built house, store or office. We also do rewiring tasks to replace old systems in existing structures. The wiring and rewiring services that we offer enable developers, builders, property managers, and homeowners to acquire new, safe, and code-compliant wiring systems. We have been in business for more than 30 years, so count on our expertise when it comes to electrical and wiring system installation.

Free Wiring System Consultations

To get a clear idea about how we install wiring systems for new structures, give us a call and we’ll give you free advice and information about the wiring installation process. We patiently explain all the aspects of the work involved. You can discuss pricing options for various wiring system solutions with us. Our reliable electricians then provide you with technical drawings before we start installing new wiring systems.

Code- Compliant Rewiring

For structural upgrades in residential and commercial properties being renovated or remodeled, we offer rewiring services to update existing systems and make them code-compliant. The service also applies to structures that have flawed, unsafe, defective, and inefficient wiring systems. We provide rewiring services to a broad range of property developers, builders, property managers, rental property owners, and homeowners. Call us for a free consultation today.